Past Expedition

Scouts reach summit of Baden Powell Scout Peak!

Nepal – 13th September, 2007. The Baden Powell Scout Peak has been summitted by 15 Scouts. According to the message received directly from the base camp, the successful group includes 1 Australian, 7 Koreans, 3 Singaporeans, 1 Nepali & 3 Scouts of China.

The expedition send off ceremony was held on the 4th September and was officiated by Herman Hui, Chairman of the World Scout Committee, together with Minister of education and Sports and Chief Scout Pradip Nepal. Setting off on the climb were 31 Scouts from Australia, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Singapore and Taiwan.

During his speech at the event, Mr Hui recognised the “great efforts and contributions made by the Scouts in Nepal in the naming process of the Lord Baden Powell Trek and Lord Baden Powell Peak and in the organization of the occasion.” He went on to say that “this (the BP Trek and Peak) is really a big contribution to the success of World Scouting.