Finland-Nepal Partnership Project (F-NPP) organized Leadership and Regional Strategic Plan Training on 10 – 11 September 2011. Training was held at Tansen, Palpa of Western Development Region of Nepal.

33 participants from 8 active districts out of 10 took part in the training. Six districts are not running actively in the region.

Training was divided into 5 sessions;

1st session,

Opening ceremony was conducted on the presence of Joint Chief Commissioners, National Commissioners, Regional Commissioners, District Commissioners and participants from different districts and local scouts. The Chief Guest-Chief District Officer and Chair person of the opening ceremony, District Education Officer, gave a speech for the success of the program.During the ceremony the valuable remarks was given by the special Guests, both Joint Chief Commissioners and national level commissioners and explained the objectives of the program. Participants were encouraged to utilize the training by their active participation and learn more about the vision and strategic plan of Nepal Scouts.

2nd session,

After the introduction, the first part of 2nd session was started on fundamental elements of scouting. Presentation covered vision, purpose, basic principles and methods of scouting. In the same session essentiality of communication at present context was also presented to the participants.

3rd session,

It started with the introduction of VISION 2020 and presentation on brief National Strategic Plan of Nepal Scouts by commissioners and staffs of National Headquarters, where Youth Program by Bharat Prasad – National Program Commissioner, Adult in Scouting by Shiva Kumar Pouyal – Joint Chief Commissioner (B), Management by Pushpalata Bhattari – Joint Chief Commissioner (G), Finance by Gautam Adhikari – Director, Scouting Profile by Keshav Bohara and Membership Growth by Ambika Paudel – former Joint Chief Commissioner (G).

4th session,

Video of WAGGGS was shown to have some ideas about scouting activities around the world. Afterward, the Leadership skills development session was focused on how to develop leadership skill and what skills good leaders need (like, planning, communication, motivation, setting the good example/being a role model, team work, ideas sharing, effective teaching, etc)? Also questions like How to run a unit? How can people (especially children/youth and parents) be motivated? What is the role of a leader in society/school? Workshop on “Learning by doing” was also conducted and discussion on “Motivation” and “Being a Role Model” were also carried out. At the end short presentation on Finland was given so that the participants know about Finnish culture and Scouting and Guiding in Finland.

5th session

It was based on financial development, by dividing the 3 groups to the participants, discussion was made to generate income locally in order to run the scouting activities, for which how DHQ can fundraise on it.

This session kept very important role to share the ideas among the participants to develop and sustain economy activities and enlarge scouting movement at local level.