Project 3L provides opportunities for girls and young women to learn life skills so they are better equipped to reach their fullest potential in the changing world.


The Project 3L grants are funded by the Friends of Asia Pacific WAGGGS (FAPW). Member Organizations in the Asia Pacific Region may submit one project proposal per year to the Asia Pacific Committee. The project may be conducted at a national level and or the next tier of decision making, such as state, region or province. The value of the grant for each project is GBP 2,000.

Running since 2004, 3L Projects have benefited thousands of girls and young women to date. Some of the projects generate new income for the Member Organizations as a result of projects funded. Some of them bring extra income to help with the living cost of their families.



Nepal Scouts have taken the below-mentioned projects in the previous years:

Project Title Implemented District Objective

Suchana Prabhidhi ajako Mahilako lagi jiwan Upayogi Sip – 2013


Project Leader: Prerana Shakya


-Basic computer skills; and
-Advance trainings as per the need after the completion of the basic course.

2 Women Empowerment through Project Proposal Writing Training and English Language Courses – 2015


Project Leader: Mabila Khadka

Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur districts of Central Development Region. The goal of this project is “to prepare young girls and women to play an active role in the APR Regional Conference 2016.”The objectives of the project are as follows:

  • To improve English language skills of girls and young women and empower them to communicate in English
  • To conduct proposal writing training for 30 members of the organization.
  • To enable the girls and women to develop projects for the development of society
  • To raise awareness among 30 young girls and women about women rights
3 Handicraft ( Jute, elephant grass) – 2016


Project Leader: Rajkumari Mahatau


Kailali To make the participants learn the skill and earn money for their living and get organised for their living.Objectives of the Project:

  • Learn skill
  • Be independent
  • Help others also to teach the skill
4 Basic Training in Computer Skills – 2017


Project Leader: Lalpura Shahi and Gaumaya Faiya

Surkhet Goals of the project:

  •  Empowering young scout women by educating them on basic computer skills.
  •  To enable young women better possibilities for future by finding a job with the help of completing the basic training on technology and increasing their knowledge.

Objectives of the Project:

  • To make participants familiar with the technology.
  • To help participants meet the requirement on basic computer knowledge for job vacancies
  • To make participants competitive applicants for job vacancies.
5 Freedom kits bags – 2020


Project Leader: Nirmala Shrestha

Sindhupalchowk Objectives of the Project:

  • To aware of school teenagers about menstruation education.
  • To use homely made cotton safely as the sanitary pads.
  • To use safely the sanitary pads at the worksite i.e.: home, school even in an office.
  • To change their healthy habits during menstruation.
  • To stop environmental issues.
6 Scouting for all: Any Situation, Any Where, Any How – 2021


Project Leader: Mabila Khadka


The ‘Scouting for all: Any Situation, Any Where, Any How’ project aim to support in Membership Growth of Nepal Scouts by improving Scouting profile in communities and engaging children and youth in scouting and recreational activities during pandemic when the schools remain closed.

Its objectives are as follows: 

– To develop Leadership and Advocacy skills in Volunteer Rover, Rangers and Scout Leaders and Participants of the project.

– To support in Membership Growth of Nepal Scouts by attracting and involving youths in the project activities.

– To support in improving Scouting Profile in the community.