Surf Smart 2.0

Surf Smart 2.0

Surf Smart 2.0 is a WAGGGS led initiative, of which Nepal Scouts is part of and have implemented the project across the country in seven provinces. It aspires to create generation digital who would be aware about the digital world and create a positive online community.

Surf Smart 2.0 aims to create a responsible citizen in the online spaces. It envisions a “Generation Digital” that helps to explore the use of the internet. The active and responsible digital citizens are characterized when a person

  1. Engage in digital technologies safely
  2. Inform peers and others about the benefits and risks of the online activities
  3. Actively participate in digital communities to enhance your skills, knowledge
  4. Conduct positively in the digital world as well as respect each other online space
  5. Confront any form of harassment, bullying that is happening online
  6. Speak Out for equal digital rights
  7. Avoid posting any form of hate speech or contents that are harmful to others
  8. Think when an unknown person approaches online


This program is awarded as part of the overall WAGGGS Surf Smart 2.0 program project funded by NortonLifeLock.

How to earn a Surf Smart badge?

There are five sub-headings on Press Enter section namely:

  1. Discover… internet wonders
  2. Connect… positively online
  3. Protect… yourself from online risks
  4. Respect… your digital rights and footprint
  5. Imagine… a better internet

Step 1: First complete one activity from Press Enter Section

Step 2: Complete #BeTheChangeOnline project. The project should reflect the community.

Step 3: Sign a generation digital promise form as well as the consent form from the participants.

Step 4: You earn a Surf Smart 2.0 badge.