Stop the Violence (STV)



After the earthquake in 2014, there has been a number of filed cases girls being altered to the violence especially living in open areas and in the temporary tents. This Stop the Violence – project focuses on raising awareness on the situation and encouraging scouts to take a stand against it by training scout leaders and teachers on what to do and alternatives for reacting it. After the training and peer support the scout leaders and teachers are more aware and can act if they suspect on of their scouters or student is being/has been violated. In the last phase of the project, the trained leaders and teachers will organize Stop The Violence awareness programme for their district about children’s rights & safety education.


The Nepal Scouts has worked on the Child Protection Policy (inside Stop the Violence-programme)


The theme of the Project:

Implementing the child protection policy in Nepal Scouts and having Stop the Violence – training on safety education in the most earthquake-affected areas.


Main Aim/Objectives:

  • Increase awareness on what to do when violence occurs among students, leaders and scouts
  • Scouts taking part of social awareness and act if suspected something.
  • Using scout units to prevent abusing of children.
  • Roll out of WAGGGS VAV curriculum.


Geographical Working Area:

  • 3 districts, where violence has occurred most after the earthquake and where there are scout units
  • Main focus on grass root level units in three pilot districts
  • Initially districts Kavre, Sindhupalchowk & Bhaktapur


Main Activities

  • STV Activate (Training leaders in WAGGGS Voices Against Voilence Curriculum): 5 days training for altogether 30 leaders and teachers in Kakani International Scouts Centre
  • Training/launching event (Stop the Violence training/ safety education, e.g. what are the human rights, how to deal with situations, how would one stop/interfere with violence Interactive.)
  • Trained participants plan and implement STV awareness programme for their community in their district
  • Awareness raising of scouts & teachers: organized activities by participants at local level increases the awareness of the whole community
  • Material needs to be translated in Nepali as the people in remote areas may not speak well English
  • Follow-up, Monitoring & Evaluation and Planning Ahead




  • Child Protection Policy implemented in Nepal Scouts.
  • 30 Leaders and teachers are trained in human rights/safety education.
  • Scouts and teachers in three districts have participated in human rights/safety education
  • Leaders are trained and ready to deliver WAGGGS VAV Curriculum.
  • Trainers have planned and implemented STV Programme and children’s rights & safety education in their districts.
  • Awareness of child’s/human rights has increased in the districts.


Partnership Project

This is the joint project between Guides and Scout of Finland and Nepal Scouts.[:]