YESS Girls Movement YESS



    This project aims at giving young women (18-25 years) from WAGGGS Member Organizations in Africa and Asia Pacific an opportunity of a six-month international experience. This experience gives the young women a platform to be change agents and make a meaningful contribution to both their home and host countries.

    The YESS Girls Movement has deliberate connections to other WAGGGS Global Programmes including the World Thinking Day, Free Being Me, Nutrition International, Surf Smart, the New Leadership Offer, Financial Literacy, Arlen Barlow and the Leadership and Sustainability.

    Likewise, Nepal Scouts plan to continue undertaking all the YESS Activities beyond the funded period.


Thematic area of project: Youth and Gender


Project duration

Exchange project period: 6 months




WAGGGS To enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential as responsible citizens of the world All girls and young women are valued and take action to change the world Civil society Youth & Gender
Nepal Scouts To enable girls and young women to develop their fullest potential to be responsible citizens of the world By 2020, with 60,000 members is a self-reliant, well managed premier youth movement with a positive image civil society Youth, and community


Expected results of the exchange project for Nepal Scouts

Nepal Scouts is sending the three participants in 2018. When they return, they will support their association to achieve the following results:-


Baseline status (point of departure) Expected result of project Measurement methods/indicators for expected results
1 Not many young leaders know about Stop the Violence Campaign; and Free Being Me initiatives Train young leaders about STV and free being me 200 girls trained about STV and free being me
2 Very low representation of youth at the National Council and National Executive levels of Nepal Scouts Increased interest of participation of youth in Nepal Scout‟s National Council and National Executive Committee Number of young women below 35 years who contest to be on the National Council and National Executive Committee levels.
3 No representation of international volunteers for the national jamboree National jamboree preparation and participation YESS girls participate as volunteers in the national jamboree



Partners Activities
Nepal Scouts On return from the exchange, the Nepal YESS Participants will:-

  1.  Report to Nepal Scouts Leadership team on the following:·
  2. How the YESS Girls Movement programme works in other countries.·
  3. Best Practices learnt from host countries
  4. Organise a Young Women‟s National camp and share experiences as YESS participants with other young women; especially on how they can actively participate in leadership of the association at National Level.
  5. Train young leaders on the Stop the Violence Campaign and Free Being Me.
  6. Participate in the National Jamboree of the Association
  7. Become members of the Nepal Scouts YESS Team, together with the YESS Coordinator and other leaders in the association to support plans for the 2019 exchange when Nepal will be planning to host participants.