NADP ToolKit Orientation

NADP ToolKit Orientation

[:en]Oct 8, 2021, Nepal Scouts NADP Toolkit Orientation was successfully kicked off in the presence of LTs, ALTs, and the Provincial office (Staff and Executive members) of Nepal Scouts.

The event was officially started with the welcome note from Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattarai, Director, Nepal Scouts. He implied that Nepal Scouts has been undertaking WOSM Services and WAGGGS Consultation for the preparation of the National Adult Development Policy since July 2020. With huge efforts of the Team involved and related stakeholders, now Nepal Scouts has received its National Adult Development Policy. Nepal Scouts NADP Toolkit is implemented on the basis of NADP. He says that Nepal Scouts NADP Toolkit orientation will support in the implementation of the National Adult Development policy. NADP toolkit orientation program aims to notify the adults about the National Adult Development Policy toolkit as the basis of the NADP implementation.

The session was followed by Mr. Devraj Ghimire, EM Consultant of Nepal Scouts. He provides short information about the National Adult Development policy and gives a short introduction to the NADP toolkit.

The main session was then administered by Mr. Bijendra Dhowju, Leader Trainer, Nepal Scouts. He introduces the NADP toolkit document  which includes:

Tool 1: Adult Development Plan

Tool 2: Need Assessment Framework for Unit Leaders

Tool 3: Scout Masters’ Log Book Mutual

Tool 4: Annual Adult Development Reporting Form

Tool 5: Mutual Agreement between Volunteer and Nepal Scouts

Tool 6: NADP Impact Self – Assessment Tool


He emphasizes the background, importance, and uses of the NADP Toolkit and how it will support in the implementation of the National Adult Development policy.

Firstly, he explained about the “Adult Development Plan”, as defined in the Nepal Scouts National Adult Development Policy is a tool developed by Nepal Scouts that can be utilized at any stage in Scouting’s journey of an adult. He also tells about the purpose of the Adult Development Plan. He says that it provides an opportunity to assess the extent to which the adult is meeting the requirements of their role or function, their motivation level, and whether adjustments to the role are required. The Adult Development plan is designed for the use of all the Adults in any Role; Unit Leader, Leader Trainer, Executive Committee Members. Scout Leaders are advised to assess themselves on the Self Assessment Areas in the Toolkits and ensure that they are developing the required competencies in all the areas.

Secondly, he explained the Recruitment Strategic Framework. Recruitment Strategic Framework is a document designed by Nepal Scouts based on the National Adult Development Policy to support Local Levels to carry out need assessment actions for attraction/selection, integration, mutual agreement, and training as per the necessity to achieve the Vision and mission of Nepal Scouts.

He also explains the purpose of the Recruitment Strategic Framework.

Thirdly, he explained about Log Book. He says, Scout Master Logbook is an annual record of activities of Scout Master during the implementation of the Annual Troop Plan and also Self Development Plan. He also explains the purpose of the Log Book and how it can be used.

Next, he explains about National Adult Development Reporting form and its purpose.

Later, he explained the Mutual agreement between volunteers and Nepal scouts. He also explains the purpose of the agreement which is intended to gather mutual commitment between Nepal Scouts and the individuals undertaking Basic/Preliminary/ WoodBadge / Advance/ Certificate/ CALT/ Diploma/ CLT Training Courses of Nepal Scouts to ensure:

  1. Individuals are fully committed to putting their best contribution to the achievement of Goals set by Nepal Scouts.
  2. Nepal Scouts is equally committed to the growth and development of the fullest potential of the individual.

Lastly, he explained about the Impact Self- Assessment Tool (Province Level).

This Adult Development Impact Self- Assessment Tool is based on the WOSM Adults in Scouting Self Assessment Tool and Capacity Assessment Tool of WAGGGS. The Adults in Scouting Self-Assessment Tool helps your Province to assess its level of development and consistency with the National Adult Development Policy and improve its internal processes for recruiting, training, and retaining adult leaders.

Lastly, closing remarks by Mr. Ravi Paudel, Asst. Director, Nepal Scouts. The program was successfully ended with the active participation of 81 participants.