Nepal Scouts Vision 2032!

Nepal Scouts Vision 2032!

Nepal Scouts has set its new vision for the next 10 years in the National Strategic Planning Workshop. A new vision, “Vision 2032” has been shared with all participants by National Coordinator Lok Bahadur Bhandari during the closing ceremony of the workshop. The workshop focused rigorously on setting out priority areas for Nepal Scouts moving forward in the 10 years’ time.

The key leaders from National Ad-hoc Committee, Province Committee, Professionals staff from National Headquarters, and provincial headquarters participated in the workshop. Rovers and Rangers from each province were also invited to contribute their ideas and valuable experiences in the strategic planning of Nepal Scouts from the perspective of young people associated with Nepal Scouts.


In the closing ceremony, National Coordinator Bhandari suggested to all participants to be focused and concentrate on the target set by themselves aligning with vision 2032. He stated that the scouts have reached all three tiers of the governance of the country and similarly now it’s important to work hard to reach out to all segments of the society so that the young people can take advantage and contribute to creating a better Nepal.

The new vision statement of Nepal Scouts for 2032 states that;

By 2032 Nepal scouts will be the preferred youth movement with 7,00,000 young members nationwide, which is well managed, self-dependent and supported by competent leaders for the development of young people with their active involvement in decision-making level.


The workshop was inaugurated in presence of the respected WOSM APR Chairman Hon. Dale Corvera and in a presence of WAGGGS AP Committee Member Ms. Maiya Twayanabasu, WOSM APR Regional Director Mr. JR Pangilinan, and key leaders of Nepal Scouts respectively.

WOSM APR Director of Organizational Development Mr. S. Prassanna Shrisvatava, WOSM consultants and the WAGGGS volunteer and the professional team facilitated the sessions in the whole workshop.

The Workshop was organized at Kakani International Scouts Center, started on 16 April, and was continued till 20 April 2022.