Our Strategy


Youth Program

Nepal scout should ensure the youth program is vibrant and relevant to current youth trends and is effectively implemented, providing a safe environment in all Scouting activities, ensuring inclusiveness (gender, etc.).

Adults in Scouting

The priority focuses on the effective implementation of the National Adult Development Policy ensuring competent and motivated leaders as per the requirement are available at all levels and in all roles.

Good Governance

The priority area focuses on transparency, accountability, responsiveness, fully constituted, and functional association at all levels, delivering quality Scouting in respective areas of operation as per the laid rules/procedures.

Resources Development and Management

 Nepal Scouts to ensure efficient management of assets at all levels, explore new sources of revenue, and partnerships, and further strengthen the available revenue centers toward the association’s self-reliance.


This strategic priority will ensure the development & Implementation of a communication Policy and emphasis on effective communication with all stakeholders adopting impactful methods, brand promotion & protection.

 Membership Growth

 This priority focuses on increasing membership towards achieving the vision of 2032 by implementing an efficient growth strategy, ensuring reaching to all segments of society, and making Scouting easily accessible to every willing young person.