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Motto: Do Your BestMotto: Be PreparedMotto: Service
The Cub/Brownie Scouting Programme is offered to young boys/girls aged six (6) to eleven (11) years. This programme is family, school and primary learning centered and its activities are mostly non-competitive with activities that are closely supervised by both the parents and the Cub Leaders and Brown Owls. It is the first step in the Scouting trail which offers a continuing program for growth in ideals, highlighting useful skills. This programme consists of simple skills and group activities that satisfy childrens’ craving for action, adventure and fun. It is a holistic combination of fun and learning.The Boy/Girl Scouting Programme is offered to young boys/girls aged eleven (11) to sixteen (16) years old. It is a service and outdoor- centered programme that teaches adolescents how to work with other people, and to develop their leadership potentials. The skills that are taught are offered in the service of others.The Rover/Ranger Scouting Programme, the fourth and final phase in the youth development program, is offered to young adults aged twenty (20) to twenty five (25) years old. It is a jolly Brotherhood/ Sisterhood of open-air and service with young men and women working under a common ideal of service and under a common bond of friendship and understanding.




Are you interested in joining? Get in touch with your local leader or local scout association. They’ll tell you more about where and when the unit meets.