Role of Unit Leaders

Role of Unit Leaders

Plan your Programme
Nepal Scouts have developed Youth Programme for all the sections (i.e. Cub/ Brownie, Boy/ Girl Scouts, Rover/ Ranger Scouts). Besides this, there are resources to support leaders in planning, but it can be hard to work out what’s new and where to find it. To make it easier here are places to find information and things you could try.   

–  Youth Programme (all sections)
–  Learning Tools
–  Uniform and Badge Manual
–  Uniform and Badge Placement
–  Flag and it’s etiquetes

Deliver your Programme
Delivering a fun, engaging and challenging program

– Activity Guidance
– Permit/Endorsement
– International Activities
– WOSM/WAGGGS Initiatives
– Safety in Programme

Manage your Unit and Troop
Every individual Scout Leader needs to keep your unit running smoothly. From the latest introduced tools, helping young people will move on to their next section.  
–       Troop Sanchalan Bidhi
–       Online Membership Registration System (OMRS)
–       Tool Kits
Tool 1: Mutual Agreement between Nepal Scouts & Scout Leaders
– What is it? – Watch Video
– Download Writable Version: Mutual Agreement between Nepal Scouts & Scout Leaders

Tool 2: Scout Leaders Logbook
– What is it? – Watch Video
– Download Writable Version: Scout Leaders Logbook

Tool 3: Adult Development Plan
– What is it? – Watch Video
– Download Writable Version: Adult Development Plan

Upgrade your ability
There are a lot of resources to support leaders to upgrade their performance.
National Adult Development Policy
Training Scheme
Fourth Stage (Woodbadge)
National Youth Programme Policy
International Participation Policy
Registration/Renew Maunal
Child Protection Policy
Brand Manual
Nepal Scouts Act and By-Laws