Kakani International Scout Centre (KISC)

Photo by: Carita Lehtniemi

Kakani International Scout Centre is one of the members of  Scout Centre of Excellence for Nature and Environment (SCENES) Centre.

KISC is initiated to involve scouts from Nepal and all over the World. It is located in Kakani, Ward No.6, Nuwakot District. It is about 25 km from Kathmandu, NorthWest, at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

The 1½ hr journey from Kathmandu goes up a beautiful panoramic view on hills. Once in Kakani, you will enjoy the magnificent view of the Himalayan ranges. The wonderful sunrise and sunset have been attracting many people to spend nights at Kakani just for sight, contemplation and meditation.

Being situated in a remote location, Kakani is largely self-sufficient and, as a SCENES Centre, aims to minimise own impact on the environment. We generate our own electricity using solar cells, have our own water source and produce vegetables, fruit, honey, tea as well as keeping chickens and goats on site.

The centre is open to all scouts and non-scouts for camping, training, workshop, seminar, etc. KISC provides food and accommodation services for visitors during their visit. Visitors can also enjoy spending nights at Kakani for medication contemplation or the simple quiet beauty of the place.  

    KISC has embraced these very elements in its design and offers an ideal venue for programs on the environment: adventure trails team building workshops to participants of all ages national and international scouts, organizations – schools, corporate companies or social organizations, etc.

    We would like to invite you to participate in our activities on the site.

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    Where is KISC?

    It is located in Kakani, Ward No.6, Nuwakot District. It is about 25 km from Kathmandu, NorthWest, at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level.

    Who can visit? Is it only for Scouts?

    The center is open to all. Scouts and Non-Scouts can visit for different purpose like camping, adventure activities, hiking trails, training, seminar, etc.

    What facilities are available?

    The Kakani International Scout Centre offers visitors comfortable accommodation. We have bedrooms with private bathrooms and dormitories with shared bathrooms. Hall is available for seminars. Camping site with the capacity of 500 scouts at a time has good toilet facilities, water access, kitchen equipment, dining hall, restaurant services.

    How to book?

    FOR SCOUTS MEMBERS: Booking must be done through the respective District Scout Headquarters in written format (in letter pad). Email from DHQ is also acceptable.

    FOR NON-SCOUTS AND INDIVIDUAL:  Booking must to done through Nepal Scouts National Headquarters, located in Lainchaur, Kathmandu.

    You can call in 977 01 4419001 or email at info@nepalscouts.org  

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