Surf Smart 2.0

2May, 2022

Surf Smart 2.0 is a WAGGGS led initiative, of which Nepal Scouts is part of and have implemented the project across the country in seven provinces. It aspires to create generation digital who would be aware about the digital world and create a positive online community. (more…)

Mask Campaign – Mask Bank Establishment

2May, 2022

With the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, Nepal Scouts in partnerships with UNICEF reinforce the mask campaign across all seven provinces. Since the Covid-19 and lockdown effected education sector, the program intends to create a sustainable solution by creating mask bank at the schools. Mask bank concept is thought to create a sustainable solution in terms of mask usage to the children. (more…)

International Day of Peace

2May, 2022

A UN resolution established the International Day of Peace in 1981 to coincide with the opening of the UN General Assembly. The first Peace Day was celebrated in 1982 and was held on the third Tuesday of September each year. (more…)

Social Distancing, Mask and Sanitizer (SMS)

2May, 2022

SMS Campaign has been conducted to enhance the community to combat against COVID-19, from 25th November 2020 with the project entitled “COVID-19 community engagement and behavior reinforcement by Nepal Scouts through Nepal scouts volunteered”. (more…)

Disaster Management Training 2078

2May, 2022

Nepal is one of the most disaster-prone countries on the globe. Earthquakes, landslides, floods, fire, thunderbolts are the major causes of disaster events that caused major damage in the past, weakening the fragile ecosystem of the country (Khanal, 2019). Disaster Management Training (DMT) is a yearly held program under Ministry of Youth and Sports. The entire country is prone to earthquakes. (more…)

3 L


31May, 2021



Project 3L provides opportunities for girls and young women to learn life skills so they are better equipped to reach their fullest potential in the changing world.


Messenger of Peace

26August, 2017

Introduction of Messengers of Peace (MOP)

Messengers of Peace is a World Scout Committee initiative designed to promote and recognize service projects that contribute to world peace. (more…)

YESS Girls Movement

26August, 2017


  • This project aims at giving young women (18-25 years) from WAGGGS Member Organizations in Africa and Asia Pacific an opportunity of a six-month international experience. This experience gives the young women a platform to be change agents and make a meaningful contribution to both their home and host countries.
  • The YESS Girls Movement has deliberate connections to other WAGGGS Global Programmes including the World Thinking Day, Free Being Me, Nutrition International, Surf Smart, the New Leadership Offer, Financial Literacy, Arlen Barlow and the Leadership and Sustainability.
  • Likewise, Nepal Scouts plan to continue undertaking all the YESS Activities beyond the funded period.