National Youth Forum 2024

National Youth Forum 2024

73 youth participants from seven provinces enthusiastically engaged in the National Youth Forum organized by Nepal Scouts, held at Kakani International Scout Centre (KISC) from January 7 to 11, 2024. The initiation of this National Youth Forum was a collaborative effort between Nepal Scouts and KFUM.

Throughout the five-day event, the youth actively participated in democratic processes to elect members of the National Youth Council and their Chairperson. We firmly believe that this Youth Forum provided our young participants with the opportunity to connect, learn, and actively participate in decision-making processes that will influence the future direction of the Nepal Scouts.

The Youth Forum placed a primary emphasis on fostering intergenerational dialogue, engaging participants in discussions on leadership and mentorship, the intersection of technology and scouting, embracing diversity and inclusion, and community involvement. Additionally, there were input sessions by the Facilitator from Nepal Scouts Youth Forum Planning Team and Danish Planning Team that covered Provincial Goal setting for the Provincial Youth Council, Diversity and Inclusion in Scouting, Facilitation skills, and Conflict management.

In the midst of the Youth Forum, a high-level panel discussion occurred, marked by the active involvement of members of the Parliament of the Nepal Government. Notably, Hon. Dr. Tosihma Karki, Hon. Madhav Sapkota, and Hon. Sunita Baral engaged in interactions with the participants.

During this Youth Forum, the election of the National Youth Council took place, and the following members were elected by the participants:

1 Pukar Dhakal Male Lumbini Province Chairperson
2 Bidisha Bhattarai Female Koshi Province Member
3 Bipal Luhar Male Koshi Province Member
4 Barun Kumar Sah Male Madesh Province Member
5 Pratishtha Subedi Female Madesh Province Member
6 Bhawana Shah Female Bagmati Province Member
7 Affar Shrestha (Roman) Male Bagmati Province Member
8 Amit Timilsina Male Gandaki Province Member
9 Nisha Pariyar Female Gandaki Province Member
10 Saraswati Sharma Female Lumbini Province Member
11 Sundar Bashyal Male Lumbini Province Member
12 Jamuna Malla Female Karnali Province Member
13 Shimon Pulami Magar Male Karnali Province Member
14 Kushum Rawal Female Sudur Paschim Province Member
15 Puskar Awasthi Male Sudur Paschim Province Member