Youth Programme

The Youth Programme is the structured framework designed to guide and encourages Scout along the path of personal growth. It is an interdependent group of elements forming a unified and integrated whole. Scout method is intended to help young people to use and develop his or her own capacities, interests and experience of life. It stimulates the discovery and development of new capacities and interest. It is also useful to help find constructive ways of meeting needs at different stages of development and to open doors to further stages at his/her own individual place.


The Youth Programme of Nepal Scouts has been reviewed in 2074 on the basis of the five dimensions of character development of a scout. The Youth Programme was based on the Sectional Curriculum 2010 (2067 BS) with few updates in the program regarding BP Peak badge and the President badge. The new Youth Program has been divided into four Scout Sections: adding Venture Scout Between Girl/Boy Scout and Rover/Ranger Scout. And, the eight points program has been merged into five points (physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual). Although the learning outcome has been divided into five dimensions; but the activities are interrelated thus, one activity might be supporting other dimensions of the character development for the scouts.

Youth Programme for all the sections (Cub/Brownie, Boy/Girl Scout, Venture, Rover/Ranger) is available in the shop. Please visit our Scout Shop.

Download the Youth Program of Nepal Scouts:

  1. 1. Youth Program – Cub Brownie Booklet
  2. 2. Youth Program – Boy Girl Scout Booklet
  3. 3. Youth Program – Rover Ranger Scout Booklet