Virtual Youth Forum 2020

7June, 2020

नेपाल स्काउटले युवाहरुको बृहत्तर बिकासका लागि क्रियाशिल भइ बिश्व महामारी COVID19 बाट बच्न आम नेपालीमा जनचेतना अभिबृद्घीका लागि सूरुवात देखिनै पुर्वतयारीमा जुटीरहेको अवगतनैछ । बिश्व महामारी COVID19 का सन्दर्भमा हालको परिस्थितिलाई मध्यनजर गर्दै विभिन्न Online (Scouting from Home) कार्यहरुमा प्रोत्साहन गर्दै आएकोछ ।

यसै सन्दर्भमा Virtual Youth Forum 2020 रोभर तथा रेन्जरहरुलाई सञ्चालन गर्ने व्यहोरा जानकारी गराइन्छ। उक्त फोरम नेपाल स्काउटद्वारा २०७७ अषाढ १ देखि ७ गते सम्म आयोजना हुने Virtual Youth Forum 2020 मा घरै बसी सहभागी हुन रोभर रेन्जेरहरुलाई निमन्त्रणा गरिन्छ।

फोरममा सहभागी हुन चाहने रोभर रेन्जेरहरुलाई नेपाल स्काउटको आ.ब. २०७६।०७७ मा दर्ता नविकरण भएको रोभर रेन्जर क््रयूहरुले २०७७ जेष्ठ २८ भित्र Online (click here) मार्फत अनिवार्य क््रयू लिडरहरुबाट दुई जनाको नाम फाराममा भरि पठाई दिनहुन हार्दिक अनुरोध गर्दछु ।

Download – CIRCULAR – Virtual Youth Forum

Download – General Information – Virtual Youth Forum

Download – Day to Day Schedule – Virtual Youth Forum

General Information

  • 1 – 7 Ashad 2077
  • Youth for change “Resilience –COVID-19 Pandemic”
  • Rover/Ranger Scout aged between 16 – 25
  • Maximum two participants from each Crew. We encourage 1 Rover and 1 Ranger Scout
Registration Online Registration Form must be filled and endorsed by the Crew Leader. 

Note: Only online registration is accepted. Nepal Scouts’ official will contact through email and phone for the registration acceptance. 

  • Discovering Current Realities: (What ways or tools can Nepal Scouts  and local teams use to help scouts learn and discover current realities?)
  • MOP Project :(What tools or ideas can NSOs and adult leaders use to support scouts to plan and carry on their community service ideas and projects considering COVID-19 restrictions)
  • Youth Programme: (Addressing Needs and aspiration of Young people  in Youth programme )
  • SDGs in Scouting: (Aligning Youth Programme / Scout Activities with the SDGs)
Virtual Platform Zoom

    • All the participants must join the Forum through the ZOOM
    • Download the Zoom app on mobile and laptop to get connected.
  • Much have average to good coverage of the internet.

Rules (Code of Conduct) while participating at Zoom:

By Submitting this Registration Form and Accepting the Rules and Regulations, you will:

  • I do accept the Scout Law as the Prime Law of the Virtual Youth Forum. 
  • I will keep my microphones muted during the talk proper of the speaker. During the open forum, I may unmute your microphones once acknowledged by the host or the speaker. Before I unmute the microphone, please inform the host/speaker of your intention to state any queries through “raising your hand” in the Conferencing Medium (Zoom).
  • Questions will be entertained only in the Open Forum;
  • I will not ask personal questions or non-subject related questions during the webinar. Also avoid unprofessional behavior when present during the Youth Forum, and
  • I strongly abide with the policies set in Keeping Scouts Safe from Harm. I will not be engaging in Cyber-bullying; reporting those who are being exploited online, and doing all what it means to promote a safe and friendly Scouting environment.  
Contact For further information Contact to Planning Team

Devraj Ghimire – Forum Director : 9851115163

Suraj Khanal – Resource Person  : 9841713585

NHQ Officials:

Prakriti Upreti – Documentalist    : 9861509244,

Sujit Maharjan – Secretariat         : 9841827993,

Krishna Pyakurel – IT Operator    : 9849227793,


22March, 2020

Nepal Scouts encourages our scout members to join a special edition of Jamboree on the Internet (JOTI) announced by The World Organization of the Scout Movement (WOSM), the largest digital Scout event held annually, to connect Scouting and young people around the world from the comfort of their homes while coping with these challenging times.
On the weekend of April 3rd, let’s come together online for virtual campfires, global chats, skill-sharing  & more.
More details:
What is JOTI Special Edition? This is a one-of-a-kind special edition of JOTI! Both educational and fun, this JOTI will bring Scouting to the homes of young people around the world during a challenging time.
How to get involved?


All you need is a good internet connection, a computer or smartphone, and a smile on your face! Let’s just make sure we’re taking part in JOTI from the comfort of our own homes and not from public places or crowded spaces.  To make the most of your JOTI experience, we’d also suggest a microphone and webcam, and maybe a digital camera to take and share photos.
Date 3 to 5 April 2020
Programs You can learn about safety measures, mental and physical health and digitally engage as global citizens through a range of different activities. The best part is, you’ll make new friends from around the world! Read More

Climb the Baden Powell Scout Peak

26November, 2018

The Baden Powell Scout Peak is the second mountain peak in Nepal named after a foreigner and was approved by the government of Nepal in 2006. It is situated in the Ganesh Himal area at Langtang valley, North of Kathmandu with the height of 5,890 meters.

Locally known as Urkema Peak, it was renamed Baden Powell Scout Peak (5,890m) in 2006. The peak was named after the father of the Scouts movement by the Nepal Government to mark the centenary celebration of the International Scouts Movement. (more…)