Marketing/Promotion of Scouting by Ms.Megan Neuffer, Capacity Building Lead for Image and Visibility

Marketing/Promotion of Scouting by Ms.Megan Neuffer, Capacity Building Lead for Image and Visibility

September 12, 2020, The reflection on the previous session held on 11th September 2020 on the “Training Scheme” led by Mr. Bishow Shrestha, Asst. Leader Trainer was presented by Assistant National Leader Trainer, Ms. Bimala Shrestha.

The twelfth session of the Capacity Enhancement Webinar Series was administered by Ms.Megan Neuffer, Capacity Building Lead for Image and Visibility from WAGGGS on the topic “Marketing/Promotion of Scouting”. The main objective of the session includes:

  1. To enhance knowledge of trainers on improving Scouting profile
  2. To support in membership growth
  3. To enable participants to support newly trend adult leaders on addressing the probable issue and challenges that may arise.

Firstly she explained about how to use our Brand and Who we are, in which she told us that our brand is not how we look, it’s about how we speak about our work and how we act as a Movement. Girls Guiding and Girls Scouting is the World’s only movement for every girl around the World. To ensure that more girls benefit from our movement, we have to grow so more and more people get to know about the importance of WAGGGS and why it matters. Our brand supports around 10 million girls across 150 countries.

The major challenges of Scouting are that Girls and Parents, might have a lack of understanding about us and what this brand stands for, or they might be not clear about the work we do and why we do it.

She also talked about the Opportunities, for that we have to make Girl Scouts culturally relevant. The Clarity should be increased about our brand and the work we do, need to regain the relevancy in the external market.

The introduction of the brand and the history about it is explained by her, in which she briefly talked that billions of girls in the World Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting is the space they need to be the best they can be. For over 100 years this movement has geared entirely to every girl and they are safe from judgment, stereotyping, and violence, Girls can learn by doing and make friends, they can reach their full potential so they can be happy and adventurous full of skills and attitude.

Furthermore, she explained how we should Look, Speak, and Act:

  1. How we Look: We look energetic, authentic, and eye-catching.
  2. How we Speak: We use language that is punchy and expresses a clear point of view.
  3. How we Act: We act in a way that is openhearted Confident and fun.

She further explained how to do Marketing of yourself to Potential Partners, in which she said

  1. a.)  how we talk about yourself matters the most, the words must be catchy and the tone of voice,
  2. b.)  by sharing a clear, consistent message we can show the real impact we make to girls’ lives and what we stand for as a global movement.
  3. c.) To market yourself our tone of voice should be consistent which should be inculcated from our cultural values which are:
  • Member-driven
  • Brave
  • Inclusive
  • Empowering
  • Transparent
  • Professional

The language should be punchy and expresses a clear point of view. The tone of Voice Guidance should be:

  1. Be human-centered and thought-provoking.
  2. Be concise and clear
  3. Be compelling and Jargon-free.
  4. Be informative and culturally sensitive.

Then she talked about How to use the Brand from the brand pages which shows the members how they can use and apply the brand. Then she talked about Photography guidance which helps the members to take and use great photographs. Photography is an important part of WAGGGS’s visual identity. Every photo represents the Movement needs to capture “a moment in her world and create emotional connections with the audience. The images play an important role in expressing the brand personality. The Principles of Photography should be followed when shooting or selecting images:

  1. Photographs should be natural- not posed or stylized
  2. Photographs should be full-on energy
  3. Photographs should feel authentic
  4. Photographs should show the positive emotional benefits of Girl Guiding and Girl Scouting.

At last, she explained in details the way we can take a good photograph which are :

  • By considering the use of it
  • By choosing subject matter carefully
  • By considering the best composition for the photograph
  • By getting the lighting right
  • The Picture should tell the story
  • Edit, Crop pics to show the most important part of the picture, etc

The twelfth-day session on the topic “Marketing/Promotion of Scouting” was successfully concluded with 58 participants.