[:en]COVID-19 Awareness: Scouts in Action [:]

[:en]COVID-19 Awareness: Scouts in Action [:]

[:en]To avoid the contamination and prevention measure against the global epidemic COVID-19, Nepal Scouts has initiated and has mobilized its volunteers in major city areas of Nepal.

More than 50 crews are running the handwashing stations and awareness campaigns in their localities giving direct benefit to more than 500 people of the communities at 50 different locations within the time of 2-3 hours.

The crew member in few numbers has demonstrated the WHO standard handwashing techniques and described and disseminated the leaflets describing the possible symptoms and preventive measures of coronavirus. It’s been reported form the monitoring team that many have appreciated the program as only Nepal Scout is with the community to start the handwashing stations.

Good participation of the program and learned the hand washing and information about the COVID-19 was seen in the different locations in Kathmandu Valley. A similar program will effectively run in different parts of the country like Biratnagar, Pokhara, Chitwan, etc. The program was designed to conduct for one week.

COVID-19 Awareness Campaign