[:en]COVID 19 Response Activity Pack Vol 1[:]

[:en]COVID 19 Response Activity Pack Vol 1[:]

[:en]Nepal Scouts has designed a special edition of COVID 19 Response Activity Pack Vol 1, with an idea of addressing the needs of scouts to continue the scouting activities during the situation of crisis and when confined within their houses.

This Activity Pack ensures the involvement of scouts at grass root levels in different activities that will pass on the ripples to the family, community, nation and world and put their best efforts to spread hope for a better future and better world.

Download the Activity Pack Volume 1 : Download-COVID19 Response Activity Pack

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The Activity pack is a collection of simple steps and activities that can be followed by the scout members along with their parents to be involved in preserving nature and at the same time expressing their respect and love to their parents. Pandemic control measures have created an unexpected socio-economic burden and undesired mental pressures to the guardians/ parents. The mental health and happiness of the household head are directly or indirectly related to the care, love, and respect shown by other members towards them. The love and peace fostered among the family members eventually create an undeniable positive impact on the pace of family, community, nation and world as a whole towards peace and prosperity.