The Ad-hoc Committee which was formed dissolving the existing National Executive Committee as per the Minister’s level decision made on 22nd August 2017, has been restored after a latest Supreme Court orders on 26 November 2017. After the writ petition filed against the decision, the Supreme Court had stayed the decision of forming an Ad-hoc Committee.

Now, after a rigorous discussion over the writ petition, the Supreme Court ruled to scrap the Stay Orders. As the initial decision of forming this Ad-hoc Committee reads, Mr. Chandan Kaushik will lead as a coordinator of the committee and also bearing of the responsibility of a Chief Commissioner. Following members are part of the committee, which will hold and administrate the rights and responsibilities of National Council and National Executive Committee. This committee has been mandated to hold the elections as per existing By-laws of Nepal Scouts.

Details of the Ad-Hoc Committee:

  1. Mr. Chandan Kaushik Coordinator
  2. Mr. Shiva Kumar Poudyal Member
  3. Ms. Parbati Giri Member
  4. Mr. Punya Ram Gothe Member
  5. Mr. Dipesh K.C. Member
  6. Mr. Devdoot Adhikari Member
  7. Mr. Keshav Maharjan Member
  8. Mr. Gautam Adhikari Member
  9. Mr. Manoj Jung Rayamajhi Member
  10. Mr. Ram Prasad Sharma Member
  11. Mr. Ram Kumar Bhandari Member
  12. Mr. Jayaram Karki Member
  13. Ms. Goma Ghimire Paudel Member