[:en]Stay Home | Online Session has started[:]

[:en]Stay Home | Online Session has started[:]

[:en]WHO has declared the Corona Virus (COVID 19) as a Pandemic disease. Quarantine at Home has been proved one of the most effective ways to prevent the disease and control the transmission process. Staying at Home-based Quarantine is not the time to panic but to feel comfortable and make it as productive as possible.

In a time of lockdown due to COVID-19, we all are staying at our own home. Thus we came with an idea to run #HomeScouting by experiencing online sessions to all our scout members.

It is a good platform and opportunities for Scouts, Rover/Rangers and Scout Leaders to learn from the online session like scouting knowledge, activities, pilot projects, initiatives run by Nepal Scouts, WOSM & WAGGGS. Viewers can take the opportunity by asking online comments.

Thus, please join us on Facebook Live at 7:00 pm every day during the Lockdown due to COVID-19.

If you have missed the session, you can also view our playlist on Facebook.