[:en]Surf Smart 2.0 Master Training of Trainers (MTOT) kicked off[:]

[:en]Surf Smart 2.0 Master Training of Trainers (MTOT) kicked off[:]

[:en]Surf Smart 2.0 Master Training of Trainers (MTOT) session was held on November 17 and 18, 2021 at Nepal Scouts Kakani International Training Center, Nuwakot. A total of 42 participants were involved in the MTOT session. Five participants from each province were selected and they were accompanied by province officers. Hence, the program tries to incorporate people from all over the country with different socio-cultural backgrounds.

Surf Smart 2.0 aims to create a responsible citizen in the online spaces. It envisions a “Generation Digital” that helps to explore the use of the internet. The active and responsible digital citizens are characterized when a person

  1. Engage in digital technologies safely
  2. Inform peers and others about the benefits and risks of the online activities
  3. Actively participate in digital communities to enhance your skills, knowledge
  4. Conduct positively in the digital world as well as respect each other online spaces
  5. Confront any form of harassment, bullying that is happening online
  6. Speak Out for equal digital rights
  7. Avoid posting any form of hate speech or content that are harmful to others
  8. Think when an unknown person approaches online

The two-day session highlighted the various dimensions of the online world through different activities as mentioned in the Surf Smart 2.0 Curriculum. The curriculum also features a participants-led project section. In order to guide the participants a digital promise was made. The MTOT participants will now run the activity to 10 people in two local levels from all seven provinces. Thus, a total of 140 TOT scouts will be trained by the MTOT participants. Furthermore, this project envisions reaching the local/grassroots level and thus towards the end of the March, 2022, there will be 44800 people who would be aware and be responsible for digital citizens.

The physical session included representatives from the World Association of Girls Guides and Girls Scouts (WAGGGS), Prerena Shakya (Global Programmes Manager) and Riju Manandhar (Programme Assistant). She also facilitated the session and her expertise helped the participants to know better about the Surf Smart 2.0. The program also features the Hon. Minster Maheshwor Jung Gahatraj (Athak) from the Ministry of Youth and Sports & Chief Scout highlighted the need for digital literacy and scouts’ potential to transform society into a peaceful and collaborative community. Similarly, Nepal Scouts Director Ram Prasad Bhattarai also re-enforce the need for “Generation Digital” as technology is developed at a rapid pace and it is shaping society. He further highlighted that scouting activities will help to create a better individual and thus we can envision a better society.