Panel Presentation on Scouting Activities for New Normal

Panel Presentation on Scouting Activities for New Normal

September 19, 2020
With the declaration of a Nation-wide lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nepal Scouts has been emphasizing to continue Scouting through virtual platforms. The fourteenth day of the session was officially commenced in the presence of Mr. Bijendra Dhowju (Member, National Ad-Hoc Committee), Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattarai (Director of Nepal Scouts), and Mr. Lok Bahadur Bhandari (National Coordinator). There was a “Panel Presentation on Scouting Activities for New Normal”  led by Ram Prasad Thapaliya (Secretary, MoYS), Dr. Tulashi Prasad Thapaliya (Director General, MoEST), Syd Castillo (Educational Methods, World Scouts Bureau Asia Pacific Support Centre), and Chelsea Elaine Teodoro, Core Mission Coordinator

Mr.Bijendra Dhowju presented the welcome remarks. He said How Nepal Scouts have continued their Internal Training session through Webinars during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nepal Scouts is the first organization that has started various campaigns during the pandemic.

Dr.Tulasi Prasad Thapaliya has said Nepal Scouts is one of the major Organisations and for the first time in history that there was a budget allocated for the Nepal Scout with that new responsibilities got added to Nepal Scouts.

Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattarai has discussed the Campaigns led by Nepal Scouts volunteers during the COVID-19 pandemic when there were restrictions on the freedom of movement of people across the globe. Despite this, Nepal Scouts members and volunteers travel to their duty stations in order to meet their role in fighting against the pandemic to keep the community safe and assist the distressed population. He explained briefly the work done by Nepal Scouts during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  1. Crisis Management (Pre and During Lockdown)
  2. Awareness Campaign by establishing Hand Washing Stations.
  3. Logistic Management to Hospital-

i.)  Management of overflow patients, ii.) Counseling to Patients, iii.) Providing awareness Information.

  1. Feeding Hungry Stranded Animals of Kathmandu during the Lockdown.
  2. Mask and Sanitizer manufacturing and distribution.
  3. Food Distribution to local and unprivileged people.
  4. Handling Holding Centres established by Local Government for the people coming from India.

He also discussed how Nepal Scout was able to continue its training and the Internal activities through virtual platforms which are: Internal Activities: a.) Capacity Enhancement, b.) Youth Forum, c.) Social Media Live Session, d.) Policies Development etc.

  1. Local Unit initiated the Campaign which are:

a.) Daily talk show with Scout Leaders, 

b.) Food Distribution

c.) Support Local Government to set up Quarantine.

  1. SMS Behaviour Campaign (UNICEF)- The main objectives of this campaign was to:

– Maintain Social Distance

– Wear Mask at public places

– Wash your hands regularly.

Dr. Tulashi Prasad Thapaliya (Director General, MoEST) has discussed about What New Normal is, what will be the effect of new normal in the people’s life especially students. He explained how this COVID-19 pandemic has affected the learning process of the students. The interest of the students have lowered down due to the long term lockdown. We have to think of an alternative for that. We have to make a plan by inculcating this new normal behaviour in the education system as well. He also highlighted what the new normal will look like.

Mr. Syd Castillo has explained about:

  1. New- Normal for Scouting.
  2. Best Practices of NSO’s for New Normal.
  3. The challenges we might face while practising New Normal.

Ms.Chelsea Elaine Teodoro has explained the different aspects of New Normal in Scouting as well which are:

  1. What does New Normal actually mean?
  2. What are the positive aspects of New Normal in Scouting?
  3. Best Practices by NSO’s and MOS’s for the New Normal.
  4. Information on the support from WOSM and WAGGGS to NSOs/ MOS and individual leaders for continuing Scouting in the New Normal.

The fourteenth day of the session was successfully concluded with 60 participants on “Panel Presentation on Scouting Activities for New Normal”.