Stress Management by Swami Anand Arhat

Stress Management by Swami Anand Arhat

The reflection on the previous session held on 17th August, 2020 on “Organizational structure and working mechanism of WOSM including Better World Framework by S. Prassanna Shrivastava, Director, Organizational Development and MoP APR support Center, WOSM  was presented by Mr. Shambhu Raj Sharma, Assistant Leader Trainer, Nepal Scouts.

The main session was then delivered by Swami Anand Arhat on the topic Stress Management”. The objective of the session was to enhance the spiritual aspects of the participants. He talked about stress hormones since birth and the process of growing up in the womb of a mother. He also talked about leadership quality. Further, he explained about short term stress and long term stress, and short term stress is way better than long term stress. He added how Long term stress causes diseases in the long term for example -Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure etc, and how all these stress-causing processes start with our thought process, attitude, imbalance of sleep, diet, and finally it leads to a Disease which we have to live with. Stress generates when we create more demand and there is no source to fulfill it, which can be at any of the following levels:

a.) Physical, b.) Psychological,  c.)Social, d.) Financial, e.) Occupational,  f.) Spiritual etc.

He mentioned that Short term stress alerts your brain which helps to concentrate all your energies at one point and by practising meditation even if you don’t do anything, it makes your brain alert. 

He further explained about different parts of our brain, it’s working process such as which part of our brain is capable of making emotional decisions, make plannings etc. and also he talked about different ways of controlling our brain. 

If we have control over our brain we never get any diseases because the brain has all the controls of our body, all the hormones which release chemicals in our body. Stress management all starts with understanding, understanding the process of our body from inside and taking all the control over our senses by indulging in the FREE Formula:

  1. Food- We should intake energy giving food
  2. Rest- By proper Conscious and Unconscious rest both Physically and Mentally.
  3. Exercise- Proper exercise makes our muscles, as well as bones, function for long.
  4. Environment- Our Brain adapts the environment we live in, ensure a positive environment at your home, workplace etc.

We have a 15 minutes activity, in which all the Participants had to concentrate on the breath while Inhaling- feel the coolness through your nostrils, Exhaling- Feel the warmth of your breath. This is one of the important ways of understanding the internal functioning of our body.

The fifth day of the session entitled “Stress Management”, conducted by Swami Anand Arhat was actively attended with 69 participants. Mr. Bijendra Dhowju, Member, Ad-Hoc Committee concluded the session with his closing remarks.