Training Scheme by Mr. Bishow Shrestha, ALT

Training Scheme by Mr. Bishow Shrestha, ALT

September 11, 2020

The reflection on the previous session held on 5th September 2020 on “Surf Smart and Safe from Harm” led by Ms. Prerna Shakya, Global Programme Manager, WAGGGS, and Dr. Ekbert Yong, WOSM Consultant,  was presented by Assistant National Leader Trainer, Mr. Bhuwan Charan Shrestha.

The eleventh session of the Capacity Enhancement Webinar Series was administered by Mr. Bishow Shrestha, Assistant Leader Trainer, Nepal Scouts on the topic  “Training Scheme”. The main objective of the session includes:

  1. To develop an understanding of the four stages of the Training system of Nepal Scouts.
  2. To provide in-depth knowledge of the Training scheme of Nepal Scouts.

Firstly, he presented Part I of the training system of Nepal Scouts. Next, he also explained Part II of the training scheme which included 22 content such as Aims of Unit Leader Training, the content of training, Provision of training, Training methods used on training courses, and so on. Similarly, he also explained the Part III and IV of the training system of Nepal Scouts. 

Part I (WARP/ AIS Policy) – The Adult Life Cycle.

Part II (Training Scheme) – Aims of unit Leader training, Content of training, Provision of Training, Training methods used on training courses, Training Courses, Warrant, The training authority, Training Resource person, Training courses for the training team, Leader’s Trainer’s/Diploma, ALT/ Certificate, Certificate of appointment/honorable charge, Appointment/renew, Renewal of the inactive certificate, review of trainer’s performance and appraisal, The Insignia etc.

Part III – Nepal Scouts Training Regulation

  • Unit Leader Job Description
  • LT/Certificate, ALT/Diploma Job Description

Part IV(Schedules)

He explained the aims of Unit leader training such as acknowledging the young boys and girls about the Leadership Development, application of Scouting Knowledge, and Skills in their daily life which helps them to become a complete person and responsible citizen.

He explained the Training methods used on Training Courses which are :

  1. Formal Session – i.) Base, ii.) Demonstration, iii.) Lecture and Talk, iv.) Plenary, v.) Programmed Learning, vi.) instruction.
  2. Informal Session – i.) Brainstorming, ii.) Buzz Group, iii.) Case Studies, iv.) Discussion, v.) The game, vi.) In-tray Exercise, vii.) Role Play.
  3. Other Training Methods – i.) Discovery Learning, ii.) Project Work, iii.) Exercise,             iv.) Training Studies, v.) Spare Time Activities.

There are 6 types of Training Courses:-

  1. Boy/Girl Sectional Leader Training 
  2. Orientation Courses for all
  3. Introductory Course
  4. (Unit Leader Training) BTC, PTC, ADVANCE/Wood Badge.
  5. Trainer Training CALT/Certificate, CLT/Diploma
  6. (Special Training) Skill, Merit, First Aid, Disaster, Leadership, Management, etc.
  7. Refresh Course/Sectional.

Eligibility for Training:

  1. Cub Brownie, B.T.C-  Age Min 18 years and must have passed 10+2.
  2. Cub Brownie with 5 years of experience in B.T.C/P.T.C is eligible for B.T.C/P.T.C training.
  3. Scout B.T.C/P.T.C – Age min 20 years and must have passed 10+2.
  4. Rover Ranger Leader B.T.C/P.T.C – Age min 25 years and must have passed Bachelor.
  5. Scout B.T.C/P.T.C with 5 years of experience and must have passed 10+2.

Further, he explained the Training Courses for the Training Team in which he talked about different courses and their eligibility then he talked about the Training team in which he described the different trainings such as B.T.C/P.T.C and Advance training etc. Then he talked about the Nepal Scouts Training Regulation 2070. He explained the points about things the Trainer and Counselor must know before going for the training. Then he showed the Forms, Certificates and information sheets.

The 11th-day session on the topic “Training Scheme” was successfully concluded with 57 participants.