Working with Young People by Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattarai – Director, Nepal Scouts

Working with Young People by Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattarai – Director, Nepal Scouts

The second day of the session was administered by Mr. Shiva Bahadur Bhandari, Member, National Ad-Hoc Committee and Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattrai, Director of Nepal Scouts. Mr. Shiva Bahadur presented the welcome remarks. Further, he explained the main objective of this training and how this training will support in Capacity Enhancement of Trainer leaders. He also talked about the problems we faced in our previous Provincial training and how this training will support in maintaining the uniformity of upcoming training conducted by Nepal Scouts.

The reflection on the previous session held on 7th August 2020 on “Fundamentals of Scouting” by Mr. Bijendra Dhowju, Member, National Ad-Hoc Committee was presented by Ms. Rukmini Shrestha, National Leader Trainer. She also reminded the participants about the contents delivered in the previous session. 

The session on 14th Aug. 2020 was administered by Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattrai reflecting upon “Working with Young People”. The contents of the session included:

  1. Characteristics of Young People
  2. Protecting Young People from harm
  3. What is abuse?
  4. Activity toolkit to work with Young People

Further, he also explained about  Needs and Interest of Young people which include six dimensions:- 1) Activities 2) Opportunities 3) Physical Activities 4)  Social Exposure 5) Express of Emotion 6) Spiritual Excitement 

 The session also included topics like Knowledge of adolescence period and Abuse and Child protection. The participants are supposed to visit the following websites:

  1. Nepal Scouts Child Protection Policy, 2074.
  2. WOSM Safe From Harm website – Safe from Harm Policy
  3. WAGGGS Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

The second-day session entitled “Working With Young People” conducted by Mr. Ram Prasad Bhattarai, Director of Nepal Scouts, was successfully concluded with 69 participants. Mr. Bijendra Dhowju Member, National Ad-Hoc Committee concluded the session with his closing remarks.