Denmark-Nepal Partnership Project

Denmark-Nepal Partnership Project

Nepal Scouts, member organization of WOSM and WAGGGS, and KFUM-Spejdeme i Danmark, member of WOSM have decided to enter a partnership starting from June 1st 2023 till December 31st 2027.

The initiation of the partnership is based on a shared value system based on the scouting method, and with youth as the creators of , and beneficiaries of, the joint work. The partnerships aim to create mutual benefits for both association by acknowledging the strength in differences and through activities that foster intercultural experiences and understanding.



The vision of the partnership is:

  • To strengthen the individual scout and the association as a whole, by mutual exchange of knowledge and activities the foster inspiration and development.
  • To give every member of our associations the possibility to experience central elements of the partner associations cultural heritage.
  • To inspire in young people, the realization of being part of a global movement, reflect on their possibility of becoming change makers, and empower them to take active part in their role as global citizens.


Project started with:

The pilot project was aimed to organize a National Youth Forum in Nepal, bringing together Nepalese youth scouts from all provinces with the purpose of electing and supporting a Youth Council. The project also involved the participation of Danish youth as participants/facilitators, fostering intercultural exchange and discussions on democratic processes within their respective organizations. The Danish participants have gained inspiration and ideas from the interactions with the Nepalese scouts, observing their youth programs and initiatives. Whereas, the Nepalese participants will develop action plans at provincial and national levels, empowering them to become local changemakers. The target groups of the project include Danish and Nepalese youth, as well as the partnering organizations involved.