[:en]FBM Online Workshop kicked off[:]

[:en]FBM Online Workshop kicked off[:]

[:en]The Online Free Being Me Workshop for the age group 11 – 14 years has been officially kicked off by Nepal Scouts as one of the home-based activities for the Boys and Girls Scout Section during the days of lockdown due to COVID 19 Pandemic.

Free Being me is one of the major educational programmes of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS) that was developed in 2015 especially for young people by the WAGGGS, alongside the Dove Self-Esteem Project and body confidence experts.

In the first session of the 7-day Online workshop, 36 Boy/ Girl Scouts and 13 observers were oriented on the use of the Zoom platform for their active participation in the Virtual Workshop. They introduced themselves with each other, obtained information about WAGGGS, Free Being Me, and the overview of the Workshop. The enthusiastic participants developed the session ground rules themselves and voted on the major challenges and their best solutions through the Zoom poll. The interactive session was conducted from 4:00 -5:30 P.M. The workshop will run at the same time for 7 days till 11th June.


Day 2:

6th June, The Session-lead  Riju Manandhar , Co-Lead Roji Tamang and seven supporting facilitators conducted a very interactive and productive virtual session by delivering session activities using video, group games, polls, group discussions on breakout rooms, direct vocal interaction and chatrooms. The session focused on the Definitions of Beauty around the World and Image Myth. During the session, participants were divided into 5 groups with facilitators assigned in each group to ensure maximum support to the participants. The extended off session support to participants was provided to the participants through the Facebook private group, Free Being Me Facebook Page and Group Chats on Messengers.

At the end of the session, participants gave positive feedback to the session and shared that the perfection lies in work and beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The upcoming sessions will aim to develop body confidence in young boys and girls and make them explore their inner beauty hiding inside them as their talent.

Day 3
7th June: The second session of Free Being Me Online Workshop was successfully conducted with an aim to enhance body confidence and boost self-esteem of the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. Roji Tamang was the session lead for the session.
The participants discussed about the image myth and why it is not worth looking like the image myth in their respective groups in the breakout rooms. The participants later hosted a press conference as news reporters and exposed the image myth in the classroom.
The participants also designed a magazine cover individually with pictures, headlines and a name that does not support and promote the image myth.
At last, the participants were assigned to write a friendship note to their allotted partner and tell the partner what he/she can do to fight the image myth.
The session was very interactive, engaging and insightful with polls, videos and brainstorming activities where participants needed to come up with their own unique ideas and designs.
Day 4

While coming up to the 5th day of Free Being Me Online Training with session four, participants are showing much more interest on free being me and enjoying it a lot with gaining more knowledge along with building up self-esteem on body confidence. Day by day, they are actively participating in every activities of the session, coming on the front line and sharing their ideas freely. Today’s session was led by Mrs.Mabila Khadka and co-led by Miss. Maleena Maharjan, where they facilitated on the topic of “Body Talk”. This session helped participants to realize that the IMAGE MYTH isn’t just something we hear about and see around us. We talk about it too, all the time, even when we don’t realize we are doing it! and this session helped them to spot the Image Myth and learn the ways they can stop using it themselves, and challenge other people too.

Today’s session was started with a very fun energizer i.e. dancing on our own place where every participant danced very well and it made us realize that even in this virtual session we can do this kind of fun energizer. After that, we went through the “Mirror-Mirror” challenge where the participants raised their body confidence by practicing, saying out loud, the things they like about themselves and creating a culture of boys and girls being proud of their bodies and who they are. Later on, in the “Body Talk” session, YESS Girls ( Miss . Stella and Miss Safa) played skit very beautifully where they represent the Image Myth that we usually talked in our daily life and asked participants and observers to spot it. After that, participants were assigned into the smaller breakout rooms where they discussed more on how to spot the Image Myths and how to challenge them as well as they learned that the real compliments help to increase the confidence level upon their friends and family as well as within themselves which plays a vital role to eradicate the Image Myth from our society and from the world. They even share their experience during the real compliments session which was very interactive and delivered beautifully. In-between the session, we played the videos also, related to today’s session and we discussed upon it that what is the message it wants to pass upon us.

After that, we closed today’s session by following the ritual of our FBM training i.e. giving them the personal challenge assignment where they have to take the lead by sharing the messages about Image Myth with other people.

Day 6, 10th June The fifth session of Free Being Me Activity Pack 11-14 Years Old, Take Action Sessions was successfully delivered by the Session Lead Maleena Maharjan and Co-Lead Mabila Khadka. During the sessions, the participants planned the action project in five different steps. Firstly, they reflected the session and realized the changes that sessions have brought in them. Then for planning the action, they developed their own T-shirt Message. Later, they designed the paper t-shirts with their body confidence message in it. Then, the participants took pledge at the end of the session to bring changes in the community as well. Coming to the end of the sessions, the participants filled up the feedback form. In the feedback form, the participants rated Image Myth as the most productive sessions followed by Beauty Around the world, Body Talk, Mirror Mirror and Friendship Mission as the top five interesting and productive session. Being rated on the 5 points out of which, 1 being not at all and 5 being completely,72% participants rated the fulfillment of the objectives of the training at 5 and 25% of them at 4. Similarly, 87% of the participants rated the overall event to be excellent. Few Participants shared that the interrupted electricity supply and poor network connection were the challenges faced by the participants. In order to address the issues of the participants, they were provided with the recorded videos of the sessions. All the participants completed their assignments with the help of videos.

Day 7, June 11th 2020. Upon the successful completion of Main Sessions of Free Being Me Activity Pack 11-14 Years, June 11th 2020, the closing day was celebrated with joy and commitment to spreading the message to the community. The celebration day was broadcasted live through the Official Facebook pages of Nepal Scouts and Free Being Me Nepal.

During the program, the participants shared their experiences with the distinguished guests from WAGGGS and performed an action song. The videos made by compiling the assignments done by the participants and the happy moments captured on the lenses during the whole event were played live. The formal program was attended by the guests: Ms. Maiya Twayanabasu, Member, AP Regional Committee, Ms. Grace Tam, Senior Member Organization Partner, WAGGGS and Ms. Rupa Gautam, Regional Coordinator, AP Region. Mr. Lok Bahadur Bhandari, National Coordinator, Nepal Scouts congratulated the participants and expressed his commitment and interest for implementing the third phase of Free Being Me Programme for the members of Nepal Scouts. The formal programme was followed by the informal programme in which the participant’s performances entertained all the viewers and guests.