Digital Conservation Initiatives at the National Park

Under the boarder theme of “Environment and Sustainability” in “Messenger of Peace”, Nepal Scouts is initiating a QR-Code scanning containing information about the conservation area resources.

How does the scanning work?

On the theme “Hiking with Purpose”, scouts or non-scouts would go on the hike at the conservation area. At the trial, the person will be able to see the QR – code pasted on the tree trunk. After scanning the QR code, the person will be able to know more about the tree and its characteristics.

Hiking with Purpose

The scouts as well as non-scouts are made about the vulnerability of the environment and they learn more information while also enjoying the time with their groups during the hiking. The inter-relationships between the environment and human are advocated while the “Scouting Education for Sustainable Development” is also enhanced.

The information about hiking trail “Shivapuri-Bagdwar” can be found here

Piloting Phase

As a piloting phase, the following selected plants will have the QR-code scanning at the respective places. In the near future, the initiatives will be broader and beyond Shivapuri national park.